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BTC 2021 speaker application

The sponsorship application form below is for the event 'Blockchain Trend Conference 2021: NFT - The Lure of Exclusivity on Chain' (henceforth 'BTC 2021'), to be held on 27 May 2021, hosted by TokenPost and EconoTimes.

Company information

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Speaker's information

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Speaker selection procedure

Submission of speaker registration form

Register as a speaker via the conference website.


BTC 2021 reviews the submitted speaker application.

Selection and contact

Selected speakers will be contacted by BTC 2021.

Confirmation of speaking slot

BTC 2021 confirms with the speaker the presentation topic and time.


Review and approval of speaker application
  • The host and organizer of the event reviews applications. The speech topic must be related to the agenda of the event. After review and approval, the host or organizer will contact the applicant.
Event content
  • The ‘Blockchain Trend Conference 2021' (henceforth 'BTC 2021')’ is at TokenPost's (the host of BTC 2021) discretion. TokenPost reserves the right to change and control any and all aspects of the event, including the event name, themes, speakers, venue, and date/time.
Event admission badge usage
  • All attendees must wear their event admission badge at all times while at the event venue.
Personal information protection
  • TokenPost (the host BTC 2021) collects personal information of the registrants for registration management and to send newsletters or direct messages for purpose of promoting the BTC 2021 and other related events.
Visa requirement
  • It is your sole responsibility to comply with the government visa requirements. BTC 2021 does not offer refunds for visa-related issues.
Use of likeness
  • The host and organizer of the event have the right to use, distribute, adapt, reproduce, broadcast, and exhibit any photos or videos taken during the event. Attendees and participants agree to be recorded at the event venue.

I have read, understood, and agree to the above polices with regard to BTC 2021 and wish to apply to become a speaker.